All the Beautiful Types of Female Orgasms

Written by Faith Limantono

September 6th, 2021

Orgasms, like wom*n, take all different shapes, sizes and possibilities!

Some hit you fast like a freight train, others are steady burns and some might be little blips that take you by surprise. We’ve compiled 5 different types of orgasms that you might have experienced. This list is in no way exhaustive because if we’ve learnt anything - female pleasure cannot be contained!


Clitoral orgasms

The clitoral orgasm is the go-to for most of us with clits. As the clitoris' only function is pleasure, clitorial orgasms are the most common (and from our research your fav) way to cum. Science only recently even “discovered” the full anatomy and role of the clitoris. *Eye rolls from every women before 1998*. We now know how deep that pleasure center goes, that stimulating the tip of that iceburg can have titanic level results.


Side note: Clitoral orgasms don’t need to always involve direct stimulation to the clitoris itself. Because it can sometimes be too sensitive to touch directly, clitoral orgasms can be caused by stimulation to the clitoral hood instead.


Vaginal orgasms

The vaginal orgasm….the orgasm we grew up watching and the orgasm that maybe made us feel like we were sexually inadequate. Most of porn and media has portrayed it to be the “best” or “easiest” way for women to cum when in fact, clitoral stimulation was the way to go. However for some lucky af women, the vaginal orgasm does occur through the penetration of a penis, sex toy or through fingering. This orgasm is believed to be caused by stimulating the g-spot but there is debate whether it actually exists (again, female anatomy seems to stump science). A 2017 study found that in the dissection and mapping of the vaginal wall where the g-spot supposedly exists, scientists could not find evidence of any anatomical structure resembling this elusive g-spot. But a 2014 study put forward the theory that the g-spot wasn’t an isolated structure but rather an area prone to “dynamic interactions between the clitoris, urethra, and anterior vaginal wall”. Despite the fact that science is again slooooow to have the female anatomy figured out, the vaginal orgasm does exist but more easily achieved by also stimulating the clitoris.


Anal orgasms

Yep it exists - women can achieve anal orgasms through stimulating da butt. This can take a whole range of forms including stimulating the anus through grazing or licking, penetration or fingering. Anal orgasms don’t discriminate and can be experienced by all genders due to the stimulation of the pelvic nerves. Georgia Grace, sex coach from the insta page @gspot._ says “the anus is the unsung hero of full body orgasms and is often left out of conversations around sex and pleasure”. However, anal orgasms should involve lube because unlike the vagina or penis, it doesn’t naturally produce lubrication. We recommend using ones with thicker consistencies like silicone-based, oil/water hybrids, or oil-based lubes.


Blended orgasms

The blended orgasm is a whole body affair, involving the stimulation of more than one ‘erogenous zone’ (fun-to-touch area). This can lead to stronger, longer or deeper orgasms - big fucking YES to that. Blended orgasms can occur with a partner by introducing vibrators into the bedroom but they can also occur during your solo sessions. Georgia Grace told Body & Soul that this can be achieved by using a vibrator on your clit while inserting “fingers into your vagina using a come hither motion, and hooking your finger/s upward toward your belly button”. This can lead to a vaginal and clitoral blended orgasm, and we’re DEFINITELY here for more orgasms!


Exercise-induced orgasm

The 2015 book ‘The Coregasm Workout’ by Debby Herbenick stated that as many as 1-10 women have experienced an orgasm while exercising. It is simply caused by non-sexual physical activity - whaaaaaat?! It’s been dubbed the coregasm because they typically occur more often when women engage in core exercises. The science still hasn’t concluded anything about the coregasm but the theory is that they occur due to stimulation and pressure building up in the abdominals and pelvic floor. Women fortunate enough to have this surprising orgasm report that they feel different from typical orgasms, feeling less like the ‘tingle’ we have during clitoral orgasms and resembling more like contractions deep in the muscle. So if you excuse me, I’m going to try an ab workout now.

Orgasm Land holds many wonders for us all! I wish you luck in adventuring far + wide for all the beautiful kinds of orgasms


Written by
Faith Limantono

Faith is a badass feminist who is passionate about womxns issues + breaking down social norms. When she isn't writing the best damn blogs at Oh My you can find her cooking up a storm, geeking out with her partner or finishing off her law degree (i know right...)

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